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Beach Cleanup Volunteers

A Simple Mission

Captain Scott Legacy Society has a simple mission to help everyday heroes build and leave behind their own legacies of kindness by promoting community volunteerism. 


CSLS sails out to expand the horizons of volunteerism through supportive social programs that build volunteer leaders and creative recognition incentives that leave behind a legacy of kindness.

What We Do

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We bring awareness to the inspiring volunteers in our community who have played a crucial role in driving change and making a difference through storytelling.

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Volunteers are #EverydayHeroes who deserve more appreciation and kudos! We recognize these unsung role models through a variety of means including gifts, events, and awards. 

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 Get motivated to do good!  We make volunteering accessible, fun, and valuable for all ages through do-good challenges, contests, educational events, and social programs. 

A Vision for the Future

Captain Scott Legacy's founders believe in a future where people are inspired to connect within their communities, linked by a willingness to give and serve with kindness.


The vision we strive for is one in which people of all ages feel inspired and empowered to get involved in community engagement and global citizenship.

Our Values

We believe in kindness 

We believe in the people

We believe in hope and inspiration 

We believe in making thoughtful choices to act in powerful, positive ways

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Young Girl Painting
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