Let's hear the unheard stories.

Captain Scott Legacy is a nonprofit charity working towards supporting small organizations with significant impacts on the community.

The story goes back to Scott Shaw, the founder. He is an active philanthropist who has helped those in need over the years - Recently, he recognized a new emerging concern. He wanted to make a platform to spread the good news, be a voice and support smaller organizations that are not getting noticed. Captain Scott's team of voluntarists search to find these organizations, provide resources and volunteers for them and finally introduce them to the world through the "Good News Channel" platform. To catch their hard work and let the world see them too.

Scott's visions for this platform are:

  1. Recognizing the organizations that are making huge impacts on their community but have a little voice

  2. Using "Good News Channel" to be a voice for them

  3. Awarding these organizations and spreading humanitarian acts.

  4. Providing some resources according to what they need the most to develop their work.

Did I also mention some positive feelings of love and a break from the toxic news of the world collapsing?!

As the famous quote: "Many hands make the light work."

We are here to introduce the "lights" and let you know to join us and make it work.

We have a hardworking volunteer group who eagerly seek related news and post them on the Channel during the week. You can find us on social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn (see links at the footer).

So, if you ever wonder how to be a hand to make the lights work, keep yourself posted.

Are you ready to give us a hand and make the light work? Join our news channel or even join our team as a volunteer.