Kam Singh - From Substance Abuse to Recovery Counselor and Beyond

By Mary Knowles, Good News Journalist

Gang activity and violence in British Columbia has grasped hold of and affected individuals of various socio-economic status ranging from a variety of ethnic groups. Kam Singh, a survivor of substance abuse, violence, and gang involvement turned to these dangerous outlets due to the alienation he felt as a result of the rampant racism and isolation that he experienced during his younger years. However, after achieving sobriety and even starting a family, Kam has completely transformed his life, and hopes to continue to help others to do so through numerous social-outreach programs and initiatives.

After growing up in the Vancouver core during the 80’s and 90’s, and having experienced and witnessed the treacheries of addiction, Kam has continued to support those fighting similar demons.

Kam hopes to not only continue to offer accessible services and opportunities for the marginalized, but to also help others be mindful and present at a time where drug use has sky-rocketed.

Having once been in the shoes of those whom he is now trying to help, Kam describes some of the moments that acted as the catalysts for his recovery and current mission. “You get to a point and look around and realize, you got nothing. Everybody that told you everything was a facade to get their hooks in, to convince you that you belonged somewhere and that you needed an identity.”

Like many who find themselves in the throes of addiction, it robbed him of his family from being a part of his life. Kam emphasizes that what helped him was meeting those who cared for him until he could care for himself. He goes on to stress that it was those who appreciated the strengths that he already possessed that truly helped him.

Kam believes that those who wish to help those who are combating substance abuse and it’s life shattering effects shouldn’t “leave it till tomorrow, you need to reach out. [So many people use the statements:] not my problem, not my business… But if you can get into helping and understand abuse and addiction early, you can come to recognize and better understand the symptoms, signs, and behaviours of these conditions. Spend your time being present, having a conversation, and acknowledging others. Go out and connect.”

Get Involved

For those in need who would like to contact Kam personally, you may do so via telephone (604) 417-1063.

Or, for an in-person meeting for further support and connection, his office is located on 1037710 120th Street in Surrey. He is available between 4:10-9:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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