The Fight Against Common Stigmas and Beliefs Surrounding Substance Abuse

By Mary Knowles, Good News Journalist

“We are a species that thrives through connection, and that connection must be authentic and genuine”, Kam Singh says as he explains one of the primary needs that is typically unmet in those who struggle and suffer with substance abuse.

He categorizes the population who undergo substance use treatment in Surrey as resilient; however, despite the housing and 12 step programs offered at most recovery facilities, he points out that often no real life skill sets are being taught to these individuals. He describes these skills as varying from educational/vocational training, to simply being taught how to open and maintain a bank account, how to cook, shop, and even build a resume, or look for work.

The point, according to Kam, is to not focus upon the deficits of those fighting the battle against substance abuse. He hopes instead that we can empower one another through building connections that focus upon the humanity, strengths, and assets of the individual.

Working with Alternative Youth for a Better Future

Meaningful Connections and Sustainable Solutions

Our goal is to offer meaningful connections and sustainable solutions to the problems of addiction and homelessness in the community.

Our Mission: The Phoenix Society is a multi-service agency dedicated to providing accessible services and opportunities to people who face barriers related to addiction, mental health, housing, education, criminal justice involvement and/or employment

Our Vision: A healthy community where all people feel connected and have opportunities to discover and build on their strengths to reach their full potential