Legacy of Unsung Hero.

Who we are

Established in 2021, to serve the under-recognized through recognition and awards, document the selfless acts of humanity, promote volunteer opportunities to help nonprofits, charities, and amplify their social impact through our platform.


Established in 2021

To recognize and serve the under-recognized individuals and organizations who are making a positive difference through Community volunteering, Social impact initiatives, Helping seniors and youth.

What do we do

  1. Volunteer Recognition Award

  2. Publishing - Digital & Print

  3. Good News Channel (Social media)

  4. Celebration & Award Ceremonies

Why do we do this

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of social impact organizations, nonprofits, and charities. We want to amplify the endeavours of individuals and organizations by telling unheard stories about unsung heroes and attracting more volunteers to support their causes.

Breaking misconceptions - The "Good News" channel

Our Social media channels promote strictly positive and good news from locally and globally - To increase the effectiveness and impact of global service - for the individual volunteer and collective community. Too often, people believe that they need to become rich, hit the jackpot, achieve success, or have too much before they can help others. We will show you a different perspective through the Good News channels.

And what else

Encourage others. Foster good citizenship by making these individuals and organizations’ endeavours available to the broader world’s recognition and helping them to amplify their impact, both locally and globally.

What do we need

Volunteers: Copywriter, Journalist, Social Media Coordinator

Referrals: Lead generation, individuals, organizations, volunteer groups that should be awarded

Publishing: News releases, print publications, online publications, social media, documentaries and films

Creatives: Photographers, videographers, graphics designers

Awards: Events, prizes, partnerships, donations

Pay it forward.