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Captain Scott Legacy Society's First Volunteer Ambassadors Meet-Up: A Successful Neighbourhood Cleanup with the Chinese Community Policing Centre

Updated: 2 days ago

On January 6th, Captain Scott Legacy Society had our first-ever Volunteer Ambassadors meet up! We collaborated with the Chinese Community Policing Centre for a neighbourhood clean up and cleaned up Andy Livingstone Park and the nearby skatepark in Chinatown.

Clean up stats

  • total clean up time: 1.25 hours

  • 14 volunteers (2 children, 11 adults, 1 youth, and 1 dog!)

  • Collected 7.5 small Neighbourhood Clean Up bags

  • Collected plastic pieces, food wrappers, papers, bottle caps, beverage cans, plastic bottles, socks, plastic bags, coffee cups and lids, and cigarette butts *tracked by our Volunteer Leaders scavenger hunt!

It was a wonderful day for a clean up. Great job, everyone! See you next time!

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