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Giving Back Via Treatment, Altruism, and Wellness Practices Through Charity

Written by: Mary Knowles

Date: December 10, 2022

Apart from his work with the Phoenix Society, Kam founded a non-profit organization in June of this year: The Mukti Society.

For the last 3 years, Kam Singh, a counsellor who was a former victim of addiction and gang activity, has been working with the Phoenix Society (1992). An organization that provides a range of supports, such as an integrated substance use treatment centre that includes addiction treatment, supportive housing, and employment and education services.

These initiatives are all done in the hopes of assisting those struggling with addiction to integrate back into society. This not-for-profit has participated in other innovative initiatives such as feeding the homeless via 5,500 meals provided by their BBQ Food truck, and collaborating with Little House to run workshops for loved ones of those in treatment programs at Phoenix. The Phoenix Societies facilities include locations at the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre, the Phoenix Centre, Phoenix House, Quibble Creek, Rising Sun Villas, and the Social Innovation Centre.


Apart from his work with the Phoenix Society, Kam founded a non-profit organization in June of this year: The Mukti Society.

The aspiration is to open wellness and treatment centres which can provide integration into society. This integration would be made possible through education in areas such as positive psychology and de-stigmatization practices regarding topics such as stigma and internalized stigma to create positive dialogue for struggling peoples, regardless of their language or culture.

Refuge and smart recovery, in addition to teaching empathetic approaches, cultural humility, and hosting daily client centered therapy, are all part of the multi-pronged and holistic approach that will be used to help those seeking treatment at the Mukti Society.

Kam also wishes to integrate daily practices and programs such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and yoga. Moreover, there is also the goal of acquiring enough funding for the Mukti Society so that anyone who seeks assistance, regardless of their financial situation, may receive the help they need without paying out of pocket.

Through the Phoenix Society and the up-and-coming Mukti Society, Kam wishes to continue to provide great role models and programs that may demonstrate the compassion, understanding, and desire to help those who have no one else to turn to.


Donations to both the Phoenix and/or the Mukti Society are gratefully appreciated, but for more information, you may contact :

The Phoenix Society via telephone (604) -583- 7166, or email:

For more information regarding The Mukti Society, you may contact Kam Singh via email:

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