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Submission Criteria

At Captain Scott Legacy Society, we are eager to recognize those unsung, everyday heroes who are beacons of kindness and altruism. Volunteering looks different to different people. We want to highlight all the forms of be selflessness, from formal (support provided on behalf of a community group or organization or informal (direct support to individuals), to virtual or in-person. Even prior to the pandemic (but especially during the pandemic), volunteers  have shown us how passionate and driven they are. They have been able to pivot to ensure that people in their community get the help they need. These volunteers deserve recognition of their strong fervent commitment to the community groups they serve and fellow neighbours. That’s where you come in! 


Thank you for volunteering your time to share a story and message that recognizes your community’s outstanding volunteers. Your contribution helps us build stronger connections within the community and lead the way for many aspiring young changemakers.

Get this ready!

Information you need to know or prepare for before submitting your story:

  • Your contact information

  • The contact information of the volunteer being written about (if it is not you)

  • You must get consent from the volunteer being written about that you can share their story

Happy Team Posing
Building Homes


  • Volunteer written about must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent resident, or protected persons as described in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

  • Volunteer must have volunteered in BC, when the story took place, whether or not they live in the province currently

  • The volunteer being written about must currently be volunteering or have volunteered within the past year

  • The volunteer being written about must be 13 years of age or older, and have signed consent provided if under 18 years of age

Questions to Guide your Story

Please use the questions to guide you in writing your story of impact. There is no word limit - so write freely!

What is the impact and reach of this volunteer’s contribution to the community (i.e. what was the ripple effect?)?

How does this volunteer’s story bring optimism and hope to others?

How does this volunteer’s experience help inspire individuals of to use their own ability to create change? Does the story encourage others to act in powerful, positive ways?

Are there any lessons they’ve learned, problems they’ve solved, and/or achievements they have made for their cause that demonstrate their positive impact to the community?

Is their information about the volunteer’s preferred cause (if available) that can be shared for more context for our readers? 

Special note: 

We love to highlight stories of both formal volunteering (volunteering on behalf of an organization or community group) and informal volunteering (volunteering directly to help others, ex: tutoring a neighbour’s child, helping a senior with picking up groceries, etc.). We value volunteering of different kinds and appreciate people coming together to make their community stronger and happier in different forms. 


We also love to highlight contributions towards organizations that do not receive as many volunteer hours, or activities that have lower volunteer participation rates. See the information table below. Statistics provided by Statistics Canada and 

volunteer canda chart 1.png
volunteer canada chart 3.png
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