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Captain Scott Care Kits

Our Care Kit Wishlist


Want to volunteer or donate but don’t have the time or resources? Check out our Wishlist to contribute and share it with your network and community to widen your impact!


You will receive an instant tax receipt for your donation. Not only will your donations get the best value and provide Captain Scott Legacy Society with the essentials we need to support others, but our partners at Kits for a Cause and Bargains Group will also provide free, extra donations to support us! 

Join us at our next event


At Captain Scott Legacy Society we aim to provide volunteer opportunities that are welcoming, impactful and accessible while supporting local organizations and charities in need. Our Volunteer Ambassadors Program often encourages hands-on and fun volunteer opportunities through packing essential “care kits” for the individuals that we support. 


To find out about our next Care Kit packing opportunity, check out our Volunteer Ambassadors program.

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