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Our Story

It started with a ripple

Imagine throwing a stone into a river, and as it hits the water, ripples spread out in all directions. That's the kind of impact we commit to creating in our community.

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Captain Scott Legacy Society is a home for both aspiring and experienced volunteers of all ages, and walks of life, to share and discover all that volunteerism has to offer.

Scott's Volunteering Journey

The stone in our story is a man named Scott Shaw, a retired businessperson from Vancouver, BC. Scott has always been known for his generous spirit as a philanthropist, but what's lesser-known is that he started volunteering only after retiring. He humorously calls himself a "late bloomer" in the world of volunteering. However, volunteering opened his eyes to the struggles of his neighbours and the local community. He regularly volunteered to support seniors and those living in the Downtown Eastside. Through his volunteer work, he met another retired businessperson named Greg Helem.

Greg, The "Behind-the-Scenes" Hero

Always the behind-the-scenes hero, Greg was the one encouraging people to volunteer. He drove seniors to cultural events, snapped photos, and wrote for community organizations. These two friends, Scott and Greg, bonded over the life lessons volunteering offered and their shared love for giving back. They made volunteering an essential part of their legacy. But then, the pandemic hit. Volunteer rates plummeted, and organizations either struggled to find volunteers or pivoted away from needing any volunteer support at all. Even Scott and Greg couldn't volunteer like before. In one of their conversations, they pondered the future of volunteering after the crisis.

Building a Legacy: Captain Scott's Vision

Scott, came up with a solution: create a charity that encourages people to get involved in their communities. The ripple-starter, Greg, was wholeheartedly on board to turn this idea into reality. Captain Scott Legacy was born to turn the ripple into a wave with a movement to save, encourage, and celebrate volunteerism. In 2022, our co-founder and ripple-starter, Greg Helem, passed away unexpectedly. This organization will forever be dedicated to his memory, and we strive to be as passionate about community service as Greg was. Thank you for your service, Greg. We miss you dearly, and your volunteer legacy lives on.


Our Mission


Since 2019, Captain Scott Legacy Society has been on a mission to inspire and empower people to discover meaningful purpose within their communities as volunteers. We want to leave behind a legacy of volunteerism in Canada by fostering a positive volunteer culture that motivates people to step out into the world as helpers, change-makers, and leaders. We've tailored our initiatives to fit modern times, working closely with nonprofit and charitable organizations to create welcoming, accessible, and impactful volunteer spaces.


Our projects are all about bringing people from all walks of life into these volunteer spaces and shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes in our community who make the world a better place for everyone.

Our Vision


In the words of our late co-founder and ripple-starter, Greg Helem, "We envision a future where people of all ages and abilities are inspired to connect within their communities, bound by a shared willingness to give and serve with kindness."

Our Values


We believe in kindness

We believe in people

We believe in hope, inspiration, and passion

We believe in making thoughtful choices to act in powerful, positive ways to create change in our communities


Together, we can make the world a better place, one act of volunteering at a time. Join us and be a part of the ripple effect of goodness!

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