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Volunteer Leaders Club

Explore the Volunteer Leaders Club

Discover the magic of giving back in the Volunteer Leaders Club – the ultimate hangout for young heroes ready to make a difference in their community!

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Imagine a club where youth take centre stage as the superheroes of kindness. Our Volunteer Leaders Club is perfect for young people ready to make a difference in their community!

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What to expect


The Volunteer Leaders Club unfolds in a digital guidebook filled with games, self-reflections, and a whole lot of fun. It is packed with helpful tips, cool facts, and fun ideas for kindness and service leadership. Youth can use this guide to mark their journy on making a positive impact in their community. In this club, they take ownership and control of their own volunteering adventure. 


This guidebook was developed with students in grade four and up in mind, however, children as young as five years old can participate with the support of their friends and family! People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds are encouraged to engage with their communities in new ways with our guide!

Download our free digital booklet


Start your journey of kindness and leadership now by downloading our digital guidebook now! Connect with the environment, animals, and others with our activity ideas. Your participation and engagement with the Volunteer Leaders Club guidebook is your membership to the club. Try it out with friends and family - let’s spread volunteer cheer, together!

Prizes for those who complete one or more of our volunteer challenges are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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