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How Captain Scott Volunteer Ambassadors Are Helping the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s Inspiring Mission

On June 22, 2024, our Captain Scott Volunteer Ambassadors had another amazing day at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!

Our team of five took on our usual tasks, from organizing groceries and packing produce to handling cardboard and helping with parking.

We were deeply inspired by the teamwork and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s mission. Each time we volunteer, we are touched by their commitment to fighting food insecurity and their incredible impact on over 16,000 lives every month.

About the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) is a vital resource in our community, addressing food insecurity by providing nutritious food to individuals and families in need. Food insecurity affects many people, including children, seniors, and low-income families, leading to poor health and a lower quality of life.

The GVFB distributes food through direct distribution and over 130 Community Agency Partners across Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and the North Shore.

In addition to food distribution, the GVFB offers educational programs that promote healthy eating, food preparation, and nutrition, helping individuals make the most of the food they receive. Their efforts help build healthier, more resilient communities by ensuring everyone has access to the food they need.

We'd love to have you join us for our next volunteering session at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Sign up for future volunteering events at and help make a positive impact.

Together, we can continue spreading kindness and making a difference. See you next time!

To learn more about the incredible work of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and how you can support them, visit

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