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A Mighty Effort: Small Group Continues to Make Big Impact Cleaning Up Surrey Central!

On June 15, 2024, a dedicated group of seven volunteers gathered in the Surrey Central neighbourhood to make a significant difference. Despite the unpredictable weather, this small but mighty team embarked on a mission to clean up the Whalley neighbourhood and the Surrey Central SkyTrain station. This Volunteer Ambassdaors event was organized in collaboration with the Youth Rising Foundation. The Youth Rising Foundation is a Surrey-based youth-run non-profit that is committed to empowering youth to take civic action, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship among local youth.

It was only a few weeks ago that Captain Scott Legacy Society’s Volunteer Ambassadors team cleaned up the Surrey Central neighbourhood, so volunteers this past weekend were astonished to find more garbage tucked behind roadblock boulders, nestled between plants in the community gardens, and scattered across various hidden spots. The team was particularly struck by the abundance of summer drink cups from nearby fast food restaurants, which were blatantly strewn across open community areas in plain sight. In just one hour, the volunteers collected three bags of garbage. While this might seem like a modest amount, the bags were surprisingly heavy, filled with a variety of waste materials, including tied several tied bags of residential compost.

If you’re inspired by this story or angered by the amount of garbage littered around our community, consider joining the next cleanup event!

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