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Community Care Adventure 2024

Updated: 2 days ago

The Community Care Adventure 2024, hosted by Captain Scott Legacy Society, was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers and community partners. Throughout the month of April, we embarked on a series of group volunteering events aimed at fostering community spirit and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Kicking off the adventure was "Gifts of Hope" with Best Buddies UBC on April 6th. Over 30 volunteers came together to assemble 156 care packages for the Kettle Society in Vancouver, spreading messages of hope and positivity to those in need.


On April 7th, we visited the Surrey Central/Whalley neighbourhood for a clean-up session with the Youth Rising Foundation. Get this - we filled up six full bags of garbage! This clean up opened up our eyes to the needs of the neighbourhood - we can’t wait to return to this location to do even more!


The next week on April 12th, our small group of 6 volunteers absolutely loved the experience at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and can’t wait to go back! From distributing food to clients and restocking food to breaking down cardboard boxes, our small yet mighty group made a huge difference that night!


The following day on April 13th, youth ages six to fifteen participated in a Gratitude Workshop at MacLean Park, learning about kindness and community connection through Indigenous teachings.


On April 14th, our biggest volunteer event happened at English Bay on a beautiful, sunny day! Volunteers from all over the city came to our event to help conserve our shorelines, get rid of marine pollution and city garbage, and share data on what litter is on our grounds directly to ocean scientists to help them change policy! We filled six huge bags of garbage and one big bag of recyclables.


Continuing our partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank on April 19th, our volunteers demonstrated unwavering commitment to serving the community.


On April 20th, our commitment to community care extended to supporting new parents at BabyGoRound. Partnering with this wonderful organization, we brought donations from our baby gear donations drive and volunteered in their office and warehouse. It was a heartwarming experience to contribute to the well-being of budding families and witness firsthand the impact of our collective generosity.


Finally, on April 26th, we co-hosted a Youth Volunteer Training Workshop with the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House and the OWL Program, empowering young minds with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in their communities.


As we reflect on the success of Community Care Adventure 2024, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all our volunteers, community organizations, and partners for their invaluable contributions. Your time, effort, and passion have made a meaningful difference in the lives of many. We look forward to seeing you again next year at the Community Care Adventure 2025, as we continue our journey of compassion and service together. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure!

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